Lesson of the Week

Stanton Moore: Crescent City Spirit

Stanton Moore currently plays with the New Orleans funk band Galactic. They have two albums out on Capricorn Records. Moore also has released a solo album called All Kooked Out on Fog City Records. The Magnolia Special Over the years playing in New Orleans I’ve come up with several grooves that work well in a variety of situations.

Lesson of the Week

Matt Byrne: Hi-Hat Beats For The Left Foot

This month’s lesson involves moving notes you might normally play with your hand on the hi-hat down to your left foot. It’s a great way to spice up beats and give them a somewhat different feel. Ex. 1 shows upbeat eighth-notes played with your left foot. Ex. 2 shows your left foot playing against your right hand with sixteenth-notes.

Lesson of the Week

Schnalle Method: Paradiddle-diddle Fills

Paradiddle-diddles are a handy little pattern. The main reason is that, as you can see in Ex. 1, the paradiddle-diddle ends with two double strokes. When executed cleanly, it’s actually less work than all singles and you get new melodic content. They can of course be played right- or left-hand lead, but here we are using them with a right-hand lead.