40 Essential Rudiments: Single Stroke Roll

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  • Okay, I’ve watched a couple of these and where are the introductions or instructions? What BPM is the metronome set on each time? Please don’t get me wrong I think this is a great idea but they could use some more polish.

  • Well, there aren’t many instructions beyond simply learning how to play each rudiment smoothly. We didn’t provide tempo markings because every drummer should practice the rudiments slowly enough to play each one flawlessly. Increase speed only when you’ve mastered any given rudiment. Some drummers will be able to execute them faster, others slower. Otherwise, watch the video and follow along with the notation and stickings to learn each technique.

  • Never heard so much tone out of a practice pad—is that coming from the piece of furniture that it’s sitting on?

  • It looks like it’s mounted on a snare drum stand.