Danny Gottlieb: Basics Of Brazilian Rhythms

Airto Aids

Essential for the modern jazz drummer is knowledge of Brazilian drumming styles. While it’s important to study early jazz recordings of the ’60s, when Stan Getz popularized the samba, jazz drumming took a giant step forward when Brazilian percussionist/drummer Airto Moreira recorded with Chick Corea. The two essential recordings are Return To Forever, and Light As A Feather. There are three basic rhythms to master: the bossa nova, the samba, and the baiao. Ex. 1 illustrates a basic bossa nova. The bass drum should be played evenly with all limbs. Ex. 2 is a basic samba, with a heavier accent in the bass drum on the 3 of each measure, simulating the Brazilian surdo drum. Exs. 3 and 4 illustrate the basic baiao with two different cymbal rhythms, and Ex. 5 is a classic samba played by Airto.

Danny Gottlieb Airto Aids
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