Alex Van Halen’s Hot Licks


If the guitar intro of this great song doesn’t disorient you, this section just might. Van Halen plays a tricky beat that’s phrased in 7/4, but is more easily thought of as being all in 4/4.

alex van halen

“Judgement Day”

Van Halen leads into this high-energy song with some syncopated choked crashes and follows them up with a powerful groove and offbeat cymbal accents.

alex van halen

“China Town”

This song is off Van Halen’s newest release and reunites David Lee Roth with the band, but this time with Eddie’s son Wolfgang featured on bass. This fast track shows off Alex’s quick feet. For the intro, he plays a sixteenth-note double bass drum pattern with the snare landing on all the beats, but then flips the groove for the verses, placing the snare on all the &’s and moving his right hand from the hi-hat to catch the recurring (4) & ah notes.

alex van halen
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