Lesson In "Denial" Breaking Down Bruno Agra's Beats

We Are Harlot

We Are Harlot has plenty of rock swagger. The transcontinental four-piece is an example of how drive, passion and talent can overcome any obstacle, having battled record labels, lawyers and various arms of the music business for four long years to arrive at this moment in their careers. The global foursome, comprised of Danny Worsnop (Vocals, England), Jeff George (Guitar, USA), Bruno Agra (Drums, Brazil), and Brian Weaver (Bass, USA) share a penchant or big, bombastic beats and breakneck rhythms. Such energy caught the attention of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) who made their track "Denial," the band's first single, into the new theme song to their widely popular Monday Night Raw program.

Drummer Bruno Agra takes you on a tour of "Denial" below. And, there is a link to a Spotify playlist of the track. The band's self-titled debut album is slated for release this coming March to be followed by countless tour dates the group is piling up for 2015 and beyond. So check it out. More vids are available on the band's Youtube channel.