Big Money Beat #1: Boom Schmack!

Big Money Beat #1: Boom Schmack!

By Rich Redmond Published In DRUM! Magazine's September 2010 Issue

This is the first groove in a long line of forth-coming lessons that I’m calling “Big Money Beats.” These are the grooves that all drummers should know to make a splash playing commercial music. They are essentially the building blocks for developing a strong vocabulary in rock, funk, and country – essentially any style of mystic with a backbeat. This first groove transcends languages and cultures and is the groove that all popular music is based on.

Always keep the kick and snare solid and fat. Try playing the snare drum with a rimshot and without. Using a variety of accent patterns on the hi-hat helps you express different feels and attitudes. Accented notes should be played with the shank of the stick, and unaccented notes should be played with the tip of the stick. Play these with a click track and along with records, then record yourself. “Play at all tempos, all dynamics, and all attitudes.” Stay tuned for future money beats!

Rich Redmond is the touring and recording drummer with multi-platinum country rock artist Jason Aldean. Rich is also an active session drummer, producer, and clinician around his home in Nashville.;

Click here to see a video demonstration of Rich’s Big Money Beats.

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