Billy Rymer: Approaching Escape Velocity

Billy Rymer: Approaching Escape Velocity

Sadly, it’s very unlikely there will ever be a Dillinger Escape Plan transcription book. This is the calculus of math rock, and it would take drumming’s Isaac Newton to do it justice. This stuff is crazy hard to figure out and even when you think you’ve got it right there’s always some doubt left behind to plague you. Let’s just say Billy Rymer is a frighteningly good drummer, and you’ve certainly got your work cut out for you here.


This is the first single off new release One Of Us Is The Killer. It opens with an unusual syncopated rhythm played on the snare that duplicates the guitar part. The next section he rides his crash (or perhaps a China) and plays a powerful bass drum snare groove that repeats. The section after this is a ridiculously fast linear pattern that is phrased as groups of five and seven notes between his snare, hi-hat, and kick drum.

Prancer by Dillinger Escape Plan

“Understanding Decay”

This intro shows another side of Rymer’s playing. Sure, there are the shifting time signatures we’ve come to expect, but this one uses a breakbeat-type groove that’s unusual for the band yet provides a very cool contrast to the hyper metal sections following this intro. It begins in 3/4 for a couple of measures but then shifts to the breakbeat pattern that begins evolving in the second and third lines. The drums are heavily processed (phase shifted?) which adds a little sonic motion to the part.

Decay by Dillinger Escape Plan

“One Of Us Is The Killer”

When this one begins you’re likely to wonder if your iPod is on shuffle — Rymer’s using brushes and this sounds like a ballad. But then in the sixth measure the bass drum pattern not so subtly reminds you who you’re listening to. The volume change is abrupt in the third line. His groove gets a little busier here as well.

One Of Us Is The Killer by Dillinger Escape Plan
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