Brushin’ Up For Christmas

Brushin' Up For Christmas

By Radim McCue Published November 30, 2009

The drumming literature is filled with a few classics on brushes, such as Ed Thigpen's The Sound of Brushes. and Jon Hazilla's Mastering The Art Of Brushes. Now there's also a great DVD called from Jon called Brush Control . [Note: The DVD was released in 2008.] In it, Jon presents brush-playing fundamentals, many of which are in his book. Many drummers desperately need help with their brush technique because they can be difficult to learn but open up a wide world of new sound options once you've got some confidence in your abilities. Jon presents a useful suite of exercises that take you through basic to advanced techniques. He also performs on the disc, playing in a trio with the terrifically talented Consuela Candelaria on piano and fellow Berkelee prof Ron Mahdi on bass, and shows you how to apply brush grooves to various styles of music from jazz to hip-hop to country. Finally, the there are extended disc performances and interviews with Jon that provide additional insight and help motivate you to work on all the material on the disc.If you don't have Jon's book, then you may want to add his DVD to your plans for the coming year and 'brush up' on your skills.

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