Danny Gottlieb: Buddy Rich Tom Pattern

Buddy Rich Tom Pattern

By Danny Gottlieb Originally Published In DRUM! Magazine's May 2010 Issue

First off I’d like to extend a special congratulations to my amazing family for their involvement in the University Of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band during the team’s run-up to capturing the National Football Championship title this past season. (And obvious kudos to the team and everyone else involved as well.) My wife Beth was recently named head of the percussion studio; stepson Scotty Radock was center snare and percussion captain; and older brother Brian was graduate teaching assistant. Scotty introduced me to this fun tom pattern shown here, which was originally developed by Buddy Rich and has since become a staple among drum corps players. In Ex . 1 the accented eighth-notes are played between the floor tom and the snare with single strokes. In Ex. 2 the same beats are accented, but with a different sticking pattern. Ex 3 shows the flow between both patterns (same sound, different stickings). Please support DCI — they are amazing!

Danny Gottlieb's May Lesson
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