Chad Smith: Early Chili Peppers Licks

“Stone Cold Bush”
From Mother’s Milk

Here Smith plays an offbeat hi-hat bark fill in the second bar and then hits on 1e ah 2 & 3 e ah 4 & to accent the rhythm guitar parts. The second kick is repeated, but he plays it more as a beat than a fill during most of the song. The basic groove is fast and busy with lots of bass drum variations. The ending riff shows Smith moving his right hand back and forth between loose hi-hats and snare to create the busier snare pattern.

“Nobody Weird Like Me”
From Mother’s Milk

Smith’s fast and furious groove on “Nobody Weird Like Me” is a triplet-based pattern. It almost sounds like straight triplets played on double bass, but he actually just plays the right foot part of that groove, which creates a 3:2 polyrhythm between his bass and ride cymbal. He ghosts his left hand part between the bass drum notes, creating a lot of motion in this groove. Later, he plays some of the notes as slamming accents, as seen in the second line.

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