Chad Smith: Early Chili Peppers Licks

“Funky Monks”
From Blood Sugar Sex Magik

On the intro, Smith lays down a funky groove with open hi-hat notes on all the &’s. He straightens out the groove at 1:17, which introduces the sextuplet fill we see in the third line. At 2:30 he plays a very similar fill leading into the breakdown section. Coming out of the breakdown, he plays the fill we see in the fifth line and then plays the &’s on his ride bell with snare accents on the ah of 1 and 4, with other accented snare and ghost notes thrown in as inspiration moved him.

“Higher Ground”
From Mother’s Milk

This remake of the Stevie Wonder classic has an instantly recognizable bass intro courtesy of Flea and a strong snare fill. Smith plays his bass drum on all the quarter-notes to anchor the groove under his shuffle, which helps to keep it more on the rock side of funk.

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