Chad Smith: The Big Phat Funk Loop

There’s a tune on the Blood Sugar Sex Magik CD called “The Power Of Equality.” When John was coming up with the guitar part we decided to think of it like a loop, a la Public Enemy, or whatever. So he detuned one of the strings on his guitar (I don’t remember which one) and started playing this chang-chuka-chuka-chang-chuka-chang thing, which is what he does through the whole tune. I came up with the groove in Ex. 1. The groove for the chorus is different, as you can see in Ex. 2.

When I recorded it, we were in this house and I played it on a drum set in the main room where everybody else was. There was another drum set though, in a real live, loud room – all windows, tile floor. It had more like a John Bonham sound. There was a snare drum, two cymbals, a bass drum with a front head on it and no toms. So after I cut the track in the main room with everybody we listened to it and it sounded good, but it lacked some of the nuances that made it more dynamic. So right after that I went into the live room with other drum set and played to the track again. On the CD you can hear both sets. On one side it’s the bright set and on the other it’s the tighter-sounding set. I tried to play exactly what I played the on the first set but there are a couple spots where you can hear a crash on only one side, but the results came out pretty good.