Charlie Waymire #2: 4-Bar Groove Workout at 50 Beats Per Minute

Charlie Waymire #2: 4-Bar Groove Workout at 50 beats per minute

By Charlie Waymire

The ability to go from a groove to a fill and back to a groove comfortably is extremely important. We not only keep time, we lead the way. From verse to chorus, chorus to bridge, bridge to guitar solo or maybe itʼs the next big TV jingle, we have to be able to go from a groove to a fill and back to the groove with ease.

There are many ways to work on our time and in this lesson we are going to explore one of my favorites:

Practicing SLOW!

Yes, slow. There is absolutely no better way to learn control than by playing slowly. And with control comes better grooves and fills. So without further ado let’s groove!

This Play-Along is a simple 4-bar phrase (made a bit more difficult by the tempo!). Youʼll play 3 bars of groove and on bar 4 youʼll play a fill. The idea is to become comfortable flowing between the groove and the fill. Remember, It’s not what you play but how you play it!

There are two versions of this play-along. Version 1 has a half note click on bar 4 (beats 1 & 3) and Version 2 has a quarter note click on bar 4 (beats 1, 2, 3 & 4). You will perceive the time different with each version so watch, listen, and practice both.

4-Bar Groove Workout Version 1

Download the MP3.

4-Bar Groove Workout Version 2

Listen to the 4-Bar Groove Workout Demo

Charlie Waymire is a teacher at PIT and a working studio drummer. Hestudied music at the McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN and Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA where he graduated with “Rock Drummer of The Year” honors. Following graduation, he was signed to Universal Records with the hard rock act, Speak No Evil and toured extensively throughout the United States. He has since toured Europe with his band JKB and has achieved critical acclaim through his work with his Rock-Fusion trio, EGH, with the CD re- leases Live at MI and Itʼs About Time. Charlieʼs also stays busy writing, producing and mixing for his production company Abrasive Productions and various TV shows including “Malcolm in the Middle” (Fox Television) at his studio in Hollywood, CA. For PIT, Charlie teaches private lessons, Live Playing Workshops, Rock Drums & Rhythm Section Workshop.

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