Dave Brogan Of ALO: “Speed Of Dreams”

When 4:50 arrives, it’s back to cut time, when with a simple snare-to-tom fill and a big slow churn heading to the finale. “There we go into the big resolution — it’s what you’re left with when all the dust settles,” Brogan says. “Being conservative up to that point allowed me to do a relatively simple fill and still have a big impact. The beat there is where my heart lies, just hard, heavy rock. I love playing dance music, I love playing funk, but I mostly love a good riff and a big fat beat.”

Waiting at 5:19 is an extremely satisfying flam strike, triumphantly capping the last jam. “In those fills at the end, you can hear me going to the different sides of the kit. On the last fill, I’m just trying to get the heaviest, deepest sound I can for the last hit — trying to bring it back down to Earth.”

“Speed Of Dreams”

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