Defining Metal Moments Of The Last 20 Years

Defining Metal Moments Of The Last 20 Years

Dale Crover (Melvins)

“Honey Bucket” – 1993
Only the endlessly dreary climate and cannabis-culture sensibilities of the Pacific Northwest could have inspired the beautiful primeval sludge of the Melvin’s major-label debut, the revered Houdini. Most of the record oozes like tar, aside from a few sudden bursts of up-tempo aggression. Chief among them is the instant classic “Honey Bucket.” Crover’s performance on it was impressive enough to stun listeners, yet still humanly possible enough to assist legions of kids in honing their nascent metal drumming skills. His musical innovations extended to his gear as well, often mounting a 16” drum as a rack tom to complement his 24” floor tom.


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