Defining Metal Moments Of The Last 20 Years

Vinnie Paul (Pantera)

“Throes Of Rejection” – 1994
This is the type of music that makes you want to behave badly with a pickup truck. Paul’s drumming contains all the technical skill and creativity of today’s ├╝berathletic metal drummers sporting weird Viking names, plus a couple of added virtues. The first would be insane groove. Don’t ever put a Pantera record on and expect to hear quantized robot metal. This guy has feel forever. Secondly, Paul plays with amazing clarity (and it’s not just Terry Date’s superb production). He’s able to consistently write technically demanding parts and execute them in a way that not a single note is ever lost on our ears; it’s a lethal combination of part-writing and performance. Check out the way he uses his double kick in this example — three- and four-stroke ruffs split between hands and feet punctuate a unique groove, tailored perfectly to Dimebag’s brutal riffage.


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