Terence Higgins: Diddle Egg Five For The Kit

Diddle Egg Five For The Kit

Man, you’re going to love this! Here is a rudimental idea that can be really cool when applied to the drum set. I’ve talked about using diddles and double-stroke fills in previous Practice Pad lessons, and here is another way to approach that concept by using a more advanced but extremely useful paradiddle rudiment: the diddle egg five.

The diddle egg five is a hybrid rudiment that consists of a paradiddle-diddle, an egg beater, and a five-stroke roll. With this combination of rudiments, the possibilities are basically infinite. Just remember to use the proper sticking patterns when orchestrating these patterns around the kit. Also keep in mind that before you can start to understand hybrid rudiments you must first master the 40 PAS International Rudiments, so lets get it together!

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