Rich Redmond: The ‘Pea Soup’ Groove

Dinner Is Served: 'Pea Soup' Groove

This month’s lesson focuses on what is referred to in some drumming circles as the “pea soup” sound. This is the result of playing an open hi-hat sound and following it with a quick closed sound. Of course, play these with lots of attitude and focus on articulating the open sound to make the hi-hat “bark.” Think: Bark Like A Junkyard Dog. You can create two different colors by playing the open sound with the shank of the stick and the closed sound with the tip of the stick. Also, feel free to play the open sound on the edge of the hi-hat or closer to the bell of the hi-hat to achieve different sound characteristics. These six exercises are two-bar phrases that are based on syncopating our five basic “money beats.” Practice these with a metronome at all tempos and dynamic levels as well as a straight and swing feel. Always play from the heart. Soups On!

rich redmond
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