Matt Byrne: Doin’ The Lub-Dub

Doin' The Lub-Dub

This month we’re going to explore the concept of mixing a straight funk beat with a slight Latin feel. Many Latin rhythms are based on repeating rhythmic patterns. The whole band (guitars, drums, even vocals) can pick up on the pattern, using part or all of its rhythms in their own parts. In each of these specific beats, the repeating pattern is the kick drum. It kind of mimics the “lub-dub” sound of a heart beat, thus giving it that Latin feel. The heavy-handed sixteenth-notes on the hi-hat are derived from “four-on-the-floor” straight funk beats that we have all come to know and love. The interplay between that kick drum pattern with the sixteenth-notes on the hi-hat makes for some pretty groovy patterns.

Matt Byrne January 2011
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