Double Bass/Double Crash Power Fills

By Matt Byrne Originally Published in DRUM! Magazine's June 2009 Issue

We are going to work on combining powerful booming double bass with the ear-shattering cut of crash cymbals. These types of fills are both musically and visually awesome! Alternate the sticking throughout each fill, leading with your dominant hand. Right foot goes with right hand; left foot goes with left hand — totally in sync. But don't just crash on one cymbal. Move it around the kit a little bit. Use the China, splashes, hi-hat, whatever you want. And nobody’s keeping you chained to the snare — spread the love around the drums too. Start out playing each fill as an exercise, at a slow tempo, until you can play it smoothly. Once you get comfortable, increase your speed. Next, play a simple four-on-the-floor rock beat and execute the fills every couple of measures. This will allow you to play the fills in a song context. Vary the tempos and experiment with different beats.