Matt Byrne’s Metal Secrets: Double Trouble

Double Trouble

By Matt Byrne Published In DRUM! Magazine's August 2007 Issue

This month, we're going to work on the rudiment that we metal heads tend to overlook — the double stroke. Even though a lot of rock and metal may not really require the use of this rudiment in play, it’s very important to have in the ol' bag of tricks and will most definitely make you a better all-around drummer. One of the key points to remember when working on doubles is to avoid making the second hit a “drag” or a “buzz.” Each stroke should be equal in height, volume, and pronunciation. Mastering the double stroke is all about controlling the natural second bounce of the stick. Like anything else we work on in drumming, take it slow at first, and then push yourself as you feel more comfortable. As you improve, see how quietly you can play doubles. It's another way to work on your muscle control and to “feel” the stroke more. Below, I've provided some alternating hand pattern exercises and some basic beats that work doubles between the feet and hands.

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