Dropping In Doubles

Here are a couple of licks I’ve been having fun with lately. They’re based in sextuplets with some commonly used stickings. Ex. 1 uses what is usually called a 6-stroke-roll sticking. And Ex. 3 uses the double paradiddle sticking. The other examples replace one of the right-handed double-strokes in each of these with a bass drum double stroke. Start slow and keep them rhythmically even.

DRUM! Notation Guide

Wally Schnalle

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  • I am a little confused. In ex.3, is that not a paradiddle-diddle? The explanation informs us that it is a double paradiddle.
    Double paradiddle= rlrlrr-lrlrll-rlrlrr-lrlrll.
    Paradiddle-diddle= rlrrll-rlrrll-rlrrll-lrllrr-lrllrr.
    Now, I could be wrong here, but I think not. That could be a misprint or I could have been instructed improperly???