Dave McClain Pounds Machine Head’s “I Am Hell”

McClain's Setup

Dave McClain

Drums: Yamaha Oak Custom (Matte Black Ozark)
1 22" x 16" Bass Drum
2 14" x 7" Snare Drum
3 8" x 6" Tom
4 10" x 6" Tom
5 12" x 7" Tom
6 16" x 16" Floor Tom
7 18" x 16" Floor Tom

Cymbals: Zildjian
A 14" New Beat Hi-Hat (2nd set played closed)
B 19" Z3 China
C 19" Z3 Crash
D 18" Z3 Crash
E 6" Spalsh
F 10" Splash
G 21" Mega Bell Ride

Percussion: LP
H Aspire Agudo Bell
I Rock Ridge Rider

Dave McClain also uses Yamaha hardware and pedals, Remo heads (Emperors on all tom batters, Ambassadors on resos; Emperor X on snare batter, Diplomat on snare reso; Powerstroke 3 on kicks) and Zildjian Dave McClain signature sticks.

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