The Rhythm Quiz: July 2014

July 2014 Rhythm Quiz

Okay, kids. We're back with another installment of Libor's rhythm quiz. Here it goes:

What single note should end this rhythm phrase to make it correct ?

Libor's rhythm quiz

June Quiz: Here's the answer to last month's rhythmic synapse-buster.

Libor's rhythm quiz

Answer: What is another way to write 5 notes over 3 quarter notes besides the 5:3 or 5:6 ratio?

The answer is actually hidden inside the question. 5 notes over 3 quarter notes is a classic polyrhythm and there is a formula to figure out any 2 numbers against each other.

X over Y = Subdivide Y into X amount of notes and play every Yth note.

(starting on the first one)

In our case 5 over 3. Subdivide 3 quarter notes into 5 notes, you will get 3x sixteenth note quintuplets, then tie them up so you end up playing just the 3rd note.

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