Drumming Details: Snare Drum Backbeats

Drumming Details: Snare Drum Backbeats

We looked at the hi-hat and how it can affect our sound and feel which, in turn, has a profound affect on the feel and vibe of the song. In this installment I’m going to talk about the snare drum and how we play our backbeats, specifically rimshots and center of the head.

Option #1) Rimshot

The rimshot produces a nice fast and sharp attack. Not as much body but it will definitely cut through even the heaviest of guitar riffs.

Option #2) Center of the Head

Playing center head will have less attack and therefore be less aggressive. However you will have more of the body of the drum with the potential to get a much fatter sound. If you’re not use to playing rimshots it will take some practice getting a consistent sound.

Likewise if you’re a rimshot only player, playing center of the head can feel very light and hard to get a good dynamic. One way around this is to simply flip your stick around and play your backbeats with the butt end of the stick. It will give you a nice fat, center of the head, sound while still having some weight behind it. Now ultimately it’s up to you how you choose to utilize these two styles of playing backbeats. I always start by simply listening to the song. If you use your ears, and are really listening, the song will tell you what to play. If you’re coming up with new parts for a song explore both techniques to see which one works best.

To get a feel for how these two techniques sound I've included a loop from the verse of one of my iGroove Practical Play-Alongs called “Wonderful”. It’s kind of a mid-tempo classic rock style groove that’s sound great with either of these techniques. Be sure to download the loop to practice with and check out the accompanying video as I demonstrate each technique sounds.


Download the mp3 file.

Remember, it’s not what you play but how you play it. The difference is in the details.

In the third and final installment we’ll talk about the bass drum. See you next month!

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