Photo Lesson: Foot Pedal Fanatic

Foot Pedal Fanatic

This is not for the faint of heart (or foot), but with a little practice you can keep your feet busy on more than just a single hi-hat and bass drum.

1. This is the pedal setup I use to create different sound and rhythmic combinations in my playing. I decided to go for an ambidextrous setup where I have the same pedals (more or less) on either side.

2. The left side consists of my main hi-hat, a cowbell with felt beater, and left bass drum.

3. The right side consists of my main bass drum, a remote hi-hat, and a jamblock.

Once you find a pedal setup that works for you, try using one foot to play two pedals at the same time, and then try combining rhythms by playing with the toe and heel of the same foot.

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