Funk Seasonings — Part Two And Three

By Wally Schnalle Originally Published in DRUM! Magazine's June 2009 Issue

This lesson is going to deal with funk basics and contains. Ex. 1 shows the basic funk groove we are using. I often refer to this as the “meat and potatoes.” We seasoned this basic kick/snare pattern in the last lesson (April 2009) by playing different subdivisions of the beat on the hi-hat. In Exs. 2–4 here we’ve changed the flavor by embellishing the left-hand pattern with some ghost notes. Ex. 2 utilizes plain eighth-notes on the hi-hat. In Exs. 3 and 4 there are two different inversions of a three-note pattern containing one eighth-note and two sixteenth-notes per beat on the hi-hat.

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DRUM! Music Editor Wally Schnalle is a drummer, composer, and teacher based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has performed with Eddie Gale, Ernie Watts, and the San Jose Symphony Orchestra.