The Schnalle Method: Funky Synchronizations

Fusion: Funky Synchronizations

For a groove to get somebody’s head bobbin’ it needs to be played in focus with solid, steady time. By “in focus” I mean that all the limbs must synchronize. That way the groove you’re playing is as strong as it can be. That doesn’t mean that you have to play computer-perfect sixteenth-notes. They can have swing or whatever grease you want to put on them. But all limbs should be agreeing on the timing. And in a lot of young drummers I see problems arise here when the left hand and right foot need to synchronize. They tend to create a flam between the two limbs and the groove gets a bit blurry. These exercises are just a few possibilities but a good place to start. By playing an alternating sticking ride pattern on the hi-hat all the e’s and ahs played on the bass drum align with the left hand. Start really slow and make sure you hear and feel the limbs lining up.

Wally Schnalle
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