Glen Sobel: Applying The Six-Stroke Roll

If you’ve ever found yourself staring blankly at a practice pad while drilling rudiments, take a look at how Alice Cooper drummer Glen Sobel applies the six-stroke roll to the entire kit, transforming a simple hand pattern into a thundering double-bass shred fest. You can find Sobel’s notation and advice about applying the six-stroke roll in the September 2013 issue of DRUM! Magazine. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand, drum shop, or by visiting our online store.

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  • Great tutorial on the 6 stroke roll.  However, I would think that any videographer worth their salt would have used a better mic than the camcorders onboard mic or, at least, monitored the audio so that they could hear how badly the bottom end sounded.  Even if he used a separate audio recorder like the H4n, it is easy enough to sync the audio with the video using Final Cut Pro or Plural Eyes.  It is obvious that this shooter was not monitoring the audio at all.  I’ve been a shooter and editor for over 30 years and would hardly call this tutorial of professional quality.  What a shame as it is a great lesson.