Groove Analysis: John Stanier’s Odd Chops

Groove Analysis: John Stanier's Odd Chops

john stanier

Hard-rocking groover John Stanier shows his versatility while getting a style and odd-time workout on Tomahawk’s latest release, Oddfellows.

The title track is mostly in 7/4 with occasional escapes to more comfortable-feeling sections of 4/4, as seen in the second line. The bridge has a different 7/4 pattern that’s similar to the first but uses Stanier’s floor tom in place of his hi-hats.

john stanier

“Rise Up Dirty Waters”
On this track we hear Stanier laying down some uptempo swing. Yes, that’s right, as in “jazz.” Though the drum sound isn’t right for the genre (slamming rock kick drum), he sounds quite jazzy. According to Stanier, though, the non-conformist sound was intentional.

john stanier
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