The Schnalle Method: Cramming Groups Of Nine

Groups Of Nine

By Wally Schalle Originally Published In DRUM! Magazine's March 2009 Issue

In my never-ending quest to cram odd groupings into even spaces, I’ve been experimenting with groups of nine. I’ve mostly been using them in triplet environments, which makes sense, as they are divisible by three. But played as sixteenth-note triplets in 4/4, they don’t neatly fill the measure. So I’ve put a six-note paradiddle-diddle at the end to complete the measure. In each of these four-note examples, the nine-note grouping is notated in 9/16 so you can see and work the pattern alone. That’s followed by the 4/4 versions with the paradiddle-diddle at the end. These are just a few of the patterns I’ve been playing with, and obviously you can play with the orchestrations around the drum set to come up with moves and sounds that you enjoy. Try it after you’ve mastered these.

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