Matt Byrne: Hi-Hat Beats For The Left Foot

Hi-Hat Beats For The Left Foot

By Matt Byrne

Published February, 2010

This month’s lesson involves moving notes you might normally play with your hand on the hi-hat down to your left foot. It’s a great way to spice up beats and give them a somewhat different feel. Ex. 1 shows upbeat eighth-notes played with your left foot. Ex. 2 shows your left foot playing against your right hand with sixteenth-notes.

As you’re playing these examples, you want the notes that you play with your left foot to have a strong chick sound. The hi-hat should be closed tightly when playing the opposing notes with your hand.

Execute the examples slowly at first so you can get used to the alternating motion between your right hand and left foot. Relax and get into it and it’ll eventually feel natural.

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