The Schnalle Method: Hot, Hot Uhgada

Hot, Hot Uhgada

Wally Schnalle
Originally published in DRUM! Magazine’s August 2006 Issue

Long ago, in a column perhaps long forgotten, I introduced DRUM! readers to what I call the uhgada (so named because if you say “uhgada” over and over really fast, it sounds like the lick). This handy little pattern (Ex. 1) is a friend to many drummers and can be used in a myriad of ways. The most common is orchestrating it around the drums at various rates of speed for great fills and solo spots. It’s also a first-rate seasoning for spicing up your grooves. Ex. 2 shows this three-stroke wonder executed on the & of 1 between the hi-hat, snare, and bass. Ex. 3 is a double-stroke application of the uhgada.

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