Hot Licks: Double Bass On Record

Tommy Aldridge

Tommy Aldridge has lent his powerful drumming to hard rock bands including Ted Nugent, Whitesnake, and Ozzy Osbourne, and his years of heavy touring helped spread the gospel of double bass across the world. Aldridge first gained notoriety in the southern rock band Black Oak Arkansas. His exciting solos always featured lots of double bass, stick twirling, and often ended with him knocking over all of his cymbal stands, in what might have been a nod to the late Keith Moon. Our excerpt from BOA’s song “Hot Rod” shows a short drum break that features a very funky groove with snare accents landing on 2, 3, the ah of 3, and the & of 4. Aldridge uses his double kicks to play short two- and three-note ruffs for extra low-end energy.

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Tommy Aldridge
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