Hot Licks: Roger Taylor’s Regal Queen Licks

“Tie Your Mother Down”

This great track has a rock-shuffle groove where the triplets are suggested via the kick and the snare rather than with a more blues-oriented 1 ah 2 ah 3 ah 4 ah hi-hat ostinato. The drums fit the song perfectly and there are some funky triplet flam kicks and fills throughout to keep things interesting.

Roger Taylor

“Death On Two Legs”

This is pretty straight-ahead rock drumming but with some interesting feel changes. There’s a subtle change from a driving quarter-note hi-hat pattern to a lighter eighth-note pattern where Taylor also adds some ghosted snare notes. Shortly after the 2/4 measure there’s an unusual snare accent on the & of 4 and a change to a half-time groove. These back-and-forth feel changes continue throughout the song and Taylor somehow makes them flow smoothly.

Roger Taylor
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