Hot Licks: Classic Ginger Baker ‘60s Drum Parts

“Sunshine Of Your Love” from Disraeli Gears

Cream’s biggest hit helped the band rise to the top of the charts. The groove was actually suggested by famed producer Tom Dowd and is Ginger’s variation on a traditional Native American tribal pattern. Unfortunately, the bass drum and floor tom are often indistinguishable on the recording. But after watching a couple of videos of Baker playing the pattern, we were able to shed light on how he actually played it.

“Crossroads” from Wheels Of Fire

For this song Baker plays a cool variation on the Motown groove, with quarter-notes on the snare and bass drum notes that punctuate the guitar riff, while opening the hi-hat on the & of 4. Make note of this funky groove. Every blues guitarist knows this song and, sooner or later, you’ll have to play it. The guitar solo features a boogaloo hand pattern played on top of eighth-notes on the bass drum. Baker throws a snare variation in the last measure that functions as a fill.

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