Hot Licks: Classic Ginger Baker ‘60s Drum Parts

“Tales Of Brave Ulysses” from Disraeli Gears

This great but largely forgotten tune by Cream is heavy on vibe, and Baker sets the mood with rising and falling tom and cymbals rolls until his sudden flam entrance. This tune also showcases Baker’s talent for creating dramatic triplet fills around his large kit. He plays his signature “Sunshine Of Your Love” groove in the sixth line, complete with flams on his mounted toms to build into the full measure sextuplet fill near the end of the transcription.

“White Room” from Wheels Of Fire

If you were a percussion nerd in high school band like I was, the timpani intro to “White Room” may remind you of Gustav Holst’s Mars, since both are in 5/4 (even though the rhythms are slightly different). This is another great song by Cream, and Baker’s dramatic intro flam and swinging boogaloo beat helped make the song a classic.

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