Hot Licks: Classic Ginger Baker ‘60s Drum Parts

“Had To Cry Today” from Blind Faith

The intro of this song has a funky groove and cool tom fills that perfectly set up the vocal. Baker missed his first tom note, striking the rim instead — just the sort of human moment that would be quickly corrected in our Pro Tools era. It’s probably just a matter of time until robots can play the drums.

“Do What You Like” from Blind Faith

This 15 minute long, 5/4 song was written by Baker and features a prominent ride and hi-hat at the intro with barely audible tom notes. A few measures later, he accents the bridge with his toms more loudly, foreshadowing things to come, and plays a slightly more consistent pattern in the bass solo. For the first eight bars of the drum solo, Baker drops syncopated kick and snare bombs just as any jazz drummer would. He later enters into the tribal tom solo, a very small portion of which is included here.

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