Hotlicks: The Beats That Drove The British Invasion

The influx of English bands in the early to mid-1960s was more than just a new style of music; it was also a cultural revolution that ultimately would influence fashion, sexuality, and politics. Think Austin Powers, and you’ll get the idea, baby. Bands like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and The Who made great music during the period that has passed the test of time and continues to have a profound effect on the music we listen to today. Lots of the drummers of the era had backgrounds in jazz, and some had trouble adapting to the straight eighth feel of rock, which is why much of the music has a subtle swing. Since rock was still in diapers, there also weren’t as many clichés for drummers to rely on, forcing them to often approach the music more creatively than many of today’s drummers (no offense, guys). There were many great bands and drummers who were a part of the British Invasion, but the scope of this article unfortunately limits the number that we can cover. And if we happened to omit your favorite drummer, feel free to direct all complaints to the editor, and away from me.

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  • Cool article!  Looking forward to running through these.  It would be awesome if you guys implemented a printer-friendly version of the lesson pages though.

  • @markman - we’re on it brother! Stay tuned.

  • Great article! Maybe add a release date to the titles to put things in perspective, but otherwise very nice. Keith Moon is all forearms as well.

  • fantastic article and videos!

  • A well written article, very informative and entertaining! Thank you.

  • Whoa, tempo fluctuation much? Still good.

  • When Keith Moon does tv recordings his wrists are always locked. Prolly cause he had to hear the accompaniment track. =P