15 Classic Beats From The British Invasion

“Time Of The Season”
Band: The Zombies
Drummer: Hugh Grundy

This is one of the great radio songs of all time, but tragically became a hit after The Zombies had disbanded. Written by keyboardist Rod Argent, who also penned “She’s Not There,” this song and album wouldn’t have been released in the States if Bob Dylan’s keyboardist Al Kooper hadn’t badgered the record company to release it. After they reluctantly did, it promptly sold two million copies in the U.S. The recording quality of this song still sounds amazing, and it features another linear pattern that this time includes a handclap and vocal “ahhh” bathed in reverb. Those parts are written within the verse pattern because they’re inseparable and essential to this great groove. The chorus features another clever Latin-tinged Grundy groove.

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