15 Classic Beats From The British Invasion

“The House Of The Rising Sun”
Band: The Animals
Drummer: John Steel

This cover song about a famous house of prostitution in New Orleans was one of the Animals’ biggest hits, and they recorded it in just one take during a stop while touring. John Steel’s simple drum part provided the pulse the tune needed. The recording doesn’t favor the bass drum, so it might vary slightly.

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  • Great article! Maybe add a release date to the titles to put things in perspective, but otherwise very nice. Keith Moon is all forearms as well.

  • fantastic article and videos!

  • A well written article, very informative and entertaining! Thank you.

  • Whoa, tempo fluctuation much? Still good.

  • When Keith Moon does tv recordings his wrists are always locked. Prolly cause he had to hear the accompaniment track. =P