How To Play “Adrenaline” By Shinedown

How To Play “Adrenaline” By Shinedown

Barry Kerch

In this video lesson, Nate Brown demonstrates how to play Barry Kerch’s drum part on “Adrenaline,” from Shinedown’s new album Amaryllis.

This aptly named up-tempo track has explosive drum parts that nimbly shift to follow the guitar riffs. You can think of the opening as metalized version of the Motown groove with the snare on 1, 2, 3, and 4.

At the verse Kerch offers a tasty groove with the bass drum pounding quarter-notes and his snare accenting 3 & 4 & in every other bar. He occasionally opens the hi-hat though it’s hard to hear in the mix. Next, he brings up the energy by adding a snare backbeat before tearing into the chorus and moving to his crash cymbal.

The last two bars of this section begin with three quick double bass drum notes before repeating. This transcription ends with a restatement of the intro riff.

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