How To Play Flam Taps Fast!

How To Play Flam Taps Fast!

Over the last few lessons we’ve been working some of the drum rudiments for speed and control, then applying them to the drum set in groove and fill patterns. This month we continue this series with the flam tap. One of the original Standard 26 American Rudiments, the flam tap is now one of the 40 Percussive Arts Society International Drum Rudiments as well.

I play the flam tap using a combination of wrist and finger technique. As you’ll see in the music notation on this page, I use my wrists for the initial flam followed by a finger stroke for the second eighth-note. When playing flams for speed, I keep both of my sticks close to the drum with the stick that plays the flam’s grace note a bit closer than the stick that plays the eighth-note portion of the flam. Practice this very slowly at first and repeat it until it becomes second nature. Don’t forget to practice the flam tap with and without the accents.

Video Lesson

When practicing the Flam Tap, be sure to follow my wrist-wrist-finger suggestions shown on the video. Also, try to get the same sound whether playing right or left hand Flam Taps.

Practice Key
W = Wrist Stroke
F = Finger Stroke
SD = Snare drum or practice pad
Practice with and without accents

Learn Faster By Practicing Slower!
While repetition is the key to executing precise Flam Taps, practicing slowly will build your endurance and speed much quicker than practicing too fast, too soon! Slow practice helps burn the pattern into your muscle memory. Once you learn to execute the technique correctly at a slow speed, it will be simpler for you to increase your speed.

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Have fun and stay loose!

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