How To Play “Ha Di Ka” By Stanton Moore

How To Play “Ha Di Ka” By Stanton Moore

Stanton Moore

In this video lesson, Nate Brown demonstrates how to play Stanton Moore’s drum part on “Ha Di Ka,” from Galactic’s new album Carivale Electricos.

This one is a strange stew of tribal, Mardi Gras Indian, and techno funk influences. It begins with an odd vocal chant and an accented low tom sixteenth-note groove and doesn’t feature Moore’s typical hint of swing. A funky two-handed groove kicks in next with an electronic-sounding snare. For this pattern there’s a bit of swing happening and Moore splits his hands between his hi-hat and snare, moving his right hand over to play the accented backbeats. This section ends with an agogo bell fill played between a lower pitched bell and a higher pitched bell (triangular note heads).

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