“Under And Over It” By Five Finger Death Punch

How To Play “Under And Over It” By Five Finger Death Punch

Jeremy Spncer

Much of “Under And Over It” has a four-on-the-floor feel creating a sort of heavy metal house-music vibe that’s not entirely dissimilar from acts like Rob Zombie. Many girls will be groped and many wallets, cell phones, and shoes will be lost as FFDP fans crowd surf to this tune. At the chorus, Spencer launches into a double bass groove under the memorable melodic vocal section. Following this, the groove returns to the strong quarter-note feel that permeates the track. The transcription ends with an over-the-bar-line syncopated fill that moves around his kit. See the November 2011 issue of DRUM! Magazine for the sheet music for this musical excerpt. You can order a copy by going here

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