How To Play Swift Swiss Army Triplets

How To Play Swift Swiss Army Triplets

This month, I demonstrate my approach to maximizing speed with the rudiment known as the Swiss Army Triplet.

I play the Swiss Army Triplet using a combination of wrist and finger technique. As notated in the written example below, I use my wrists for the initial flam followed by a finger stroke for the second eighth-note and a wrist for the third eighth-note of the triplet. When playing flams for speed, I always keep both sticks close to the drum with the stick that plays the flam’s grace note a bit closer than the stick that plays the eighth-note triplet part of the flam. Practice this very slowly at first and repeat it until it becomes second nature.

Video Lesson
When practicing the Swiss Army Triplet, be sure to follow my wrist/finger/wrist suggestions shown on the video. First, play the Swiss Army Triplet very slowly with no accents and add the accents later. Also, be sure to practice the Swiss Army Triplet starting with both left and right hand stickings as shown in the music notation.

Practice Key
W = Wrist Stroke
F = Finger Stroke
SD = Snare Drum or Practice Pad

Practice with and without accents using both written stickings.

Start Slowly!
The secret to speed is to practice very slowly for long periods of time. This allows you to build these exercises into your muscle memory while gaining precision, endurance, and control. Once you master the Swiss Army Triplet slowly, you will find it much easier to build up your speed. I suggest that you use a metronome and keep a notebook so that you can keep track of your progress every day.

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Until next time, have fun and stay loose!

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