Ian Paice: Deep Pockets

Ian Paice: Deep Pockets

Ian Paice and Deep Purple were predecessors of the heavy metal genre. Their brand of blistering riff rock is still as exciting as ever. They’ve just released Now What?!, a collection of new songs that remind us of their past and shows how good these guys still are, despite all the lineup changes over the years. Paice has always been known for his speedy hands and feet and the new record proves it all over again.

“Above And Beyond”

This 3/4 odd-meter tune hints at Deep Purple’s occasional progressive rock leanings. At the top, Paice accents his hi-hat heavily on the quarter-notes and his asymmetrical groove always reminds us this isn’t in 4/4.

“Après Vous”

The heavily syncopated organ part of “Après Vous” gives left-handed Paice an opportunity to show off his fast left foot before settling into the verse groove.


We’ve all been there, right? Paice lays down the main groove with authority and varies the bass drum pattern as the song progresses to keep it interesting. At 1:45 we get to see the solid fill setups and hits Paice chooses for this part.

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