David Stanoch: Polyrhythm Tutorial

Improve Your Groove & Polyrhythms Tutorial

By David Stanoch Published December 7, 2009

David Stanoch, who teaches percussion at McNally-Smith College in St. Paul, Minnesota, has created a comprehensive method for improving your groove and polyrhythmic skills. Work with the following exercises to gain solid control of the quarter-note pulse and expand your understanding of time. These exercises are excerpted from Mastering the Tables of Time, Volume 1: Introducing the Standard Timetable.

Segment 1: Improve Your Groove, Part 1



Download example.

Segment 2: Polyrhythms Tutorial

More details available at alfred.com.

About The Author
David Stanoch has has an eclectic background of experience performing with Sheryl Crow, Richard Davis, Herb Ellis, Keb 'Mo', New Kids On The Block, Bernard Purdie, Bonnie Paitt, Don Rickles, Martin Short, Butch Vig and Mary Wilson, among others. David has studied with Max Roach, Alan Dawson, Richard Davis, Elliot Fine, Jeff Hamilton, Ignacio Berroa and Chad Wackerman. A faculty member of the McNally Smith College of Music since 1990, David is also a contributing author to Modern Drummer, Drummer (UK), and PAS/MN magazines.

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