James Cassells: New Asking Alexandria Parts

“A Lesson Never Learned”

I use a technique called heel-toe in every Asking Alexandria song, but in no other song is it displayed as it is in “A Lesson Never Learned.” The opening rhythm is one of my favorites if not my favorite on the album, and because of the technique it makes it even more interesting for me. Usually if played heel-up this would be lead with the right foot, but because I play doubles with each foot halfway through the rhythm it switches to my left foot leading and continues to do that through both variations on the rhythm. Rather challenging to pull off smoothly but definitely interesting to play.

james cassells james cassells

Cassells’ Setup

Drums Truth
1 20" x 20" Bass drum
2 13" x 7" Truth Black Brass Snare Drum
3 12" x 8" Tom
4 13" x 9" Tom
5 16" x 14" Floor Tom

Cymbals Sabian
A 14" X-Celerator Hi-Hat
B 20" APX Crash
C 15" AAX X-Treme China
D 20" Evolution Ride
E 7" Bell
F 21" Holy China

James Cassells also uses Remo heads (Emperor on the toms, coated Emperor X on the snare, and Pinstripe on the kick), DW 9000 series hardware, Axis 21 Laser double pedal, and Vic Firth 5B wood-tip sticks.

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