Danny Gottlieb: Jazzy Cadets

Jazzy Cadets

As I write this, I am still recovering from the awe of watching my stepson, Scotty Radock, perform in the snare line with the Holy Name Cadets at the 2009 DCI Finals in Indianapolis. A breathtaking display of commitment and skill from all involved. Drum corps experience runs deep in my family, but it was Scotty I turned to for some Cadets licks that could be applied to jazz drumming. For the following, I suggest playing two measures of jazz time, similar to Joe Morello’s Rudimental Jazz.

Ex. 1 contains a five-note grouping adapted from the following triplet exercise. Ex. 2 contains a Cadets-based triplet exercise. Ex. 3 is called a Nuch-i-Da (that’s a phonetic spelling), inspired by Scotty and Cadets instructor Colin McNutt. Please note that after the first group of five-note patters, the accent shifts from the first beat to the third. Ex 4 is a Ta-Chi-Buzz, which sounds great as a jazz fill, and features a diddle with flam on the first note followed by a buzz. After you learn the basic patterns, I suggest moving the notes around the drums and substituting the bass drum.

Danny Gottlieb
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